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 Reference Documents

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GEISER_DoW_PublicVersion.pdfGEISER Description of Work (public version)75 KB
GEISER_FirstPeriodicReport_Publishable Summary_0101-31122010.pdfGEISER First Periodic Report 01/01-31/12/2010 (publisable summary)25 KB
GEISER_LogoForColourPrinting.pngGEISER Logo for colour printing53 KB
GEISER_LogoForScreenDisplay.pngGEISER Logo for screen display71 KB


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GEISER_D3.1.pdfD3.1 - Evaluation of systematic relations between the seismic response to fluid injection and depth, injection pressure, crustal stress state, and local structural geology892 KB
GEISER_D3.2.pdfD3.2 - Source characterisation of Large Magnitude Events (LME) and their occurrence in space and time8385 KB
GEISER_D3.3.pdfD3.3 - Guidelines for techniques/methodologies for seismological investigations to be applied in future EGS operations, developed on the basis of successful analyses of past sequences20616 KB
GEISER_D4.1.pdfD4.1 - Catalogue of synthetic events based on numerical modelling387 KB
GEISER_D4.2.pdfD4.2 - Catalogue of synthetic events - earthquake scenario795 KB
GEISER_D4.3.pdfD4.3 - Mechanical understanding - Role of pore pressure changes1992 KB
GEISER_D4.4.pdfD4.4 - Mechanical understanding - Role of temperature change2581 KB
GEISER_D4.5.pdfD4.5 - Mechanical understanding - Role of existing fault segments5065 KB
GEISER_D4.6.pdfD4.6 - Important physical processes and modelling schemes of induced microseismicity12157 KB
GEISER_D5.1.pdfD5.1 - Report on the assessment of seismic hazard associated to natural seismicity9374 KB
GEISER_D5.2.pdfD5.2 - Report on the assessment of seismic hazard associated to EGS induced seismicity12998 KB
GEISER_D5.3.pdfD5.3 - Hazard models for specific test areas14522 KB
GEISER_D5.4.pdfD5.4 - Report describing methodologies, results, tests and calibrations (assessment of seismic hazard associated to EGS triggered seismicity)7308 KB
GEISER_D5.5.pdfD5.5 - Shaking and damage scenarios from EGS induced and triggered events7528 KB
GEISER_D5.6.pdfD5.6 - Guidelines for best practice (to help regulators in devising seismic hazard assessment specifications for the selection, licensing and long term operation of EGS sites in different geological setting)9201 KB
GEISER_D6.1.pdfD6.1 - Effect of different stimulation techniques on the seismicity and strategies to mitigate induced seismicity1311 KB
GEISER_D6.2.pdfD6.2 - Seismic monitoring strategies226 KB
GEISER_D6.3.pdfD6.3 - Report summarizing the results of the tasks in form of input and boundary conditions for regulatory guidelines3668 KB
GEISER_D6.4.pdfD6.4 - Laying the groundwork for public acceptance of Enhanced Geothermal Systems 2334 KB